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june 2005


Au revoir.


This city has been on my "go to" list for a long time.

It's funny, because I took a French class in both high school and college. Of course, the hazy perspective of distant memory provides a subjective recollection. As in, I remember being pretty good at French. But you know what they say about languages.

This trip had a pall cast over it before it ever began. The reason being that its sole purpose was to see our Serb brother. A super-unfortunate circumstance negated his presence. All of our spirits were dampened. However, it was too late to cancel the booking. Our only choice was to go and make the best of it.

The festivities were centered around a Formula One race. Montreal was all gussied up in speed for the celebration. Tourist and common folk alike wandered the streets perusing all manner of insanely fast combustible engine.

This journey provided me with a revelation. No longer shall I judge a city by its bars and nightclubs. Having a good trip does not have to entail crazed binge drinking and waking up on the sidewalk. For hours, I walked the streets sans buzz, looking at people and gazing at historic buildings.

Montreal is a very beautiful city. It's the perfect place for a honeymoon, and for your parents to visit. The city has a decidely european look and feel. I'm glad I enjoyed its merits unfettered by alcohol.

Montreal also has a reputation for being liberal.
Open-minded. Risqué. Well, you know me. Adventurous. One life to live. I was intent on exploring the "shocking" and "taboo." And indeed, after providing an alias and paying a nominal fee, I was granted entrance to the underground.

But that dear readers, is another story.....