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toronto, canada
november 2009

If you know me, you'll know that it's somewhat goofy for me to write a story about traveling to Toronto. That's because Toronto is near a city I used to live in that I didn't particularly care for. As a consequence, I would regularly roll to Toronto. For several years Toronto served as my respite from extreme boredom, so I'll always view it reverently.

In our rich history together, I've raced motorcycles through its streets, accosted its women, and stumbled through its bars. Toronto has always treated me nicely, even when I didn't deserve it.

[ Toronto, Canada ]

This visit was to put it down with my motorcycle and black arts mentor. There was lengthy political and technological discourse, copious vino verde consumption, and some two-wheeled fury fueled by jaegermeister and sushi.

As my mentor hails from Serbia, I've managed to pick up a few Serbian words in the course of our ten year friendship. As an international public service, I'll share the words I've learned:

nishta (nothing)
guza/doo-pae (butt)
sise (breasts)

and my favorite...."open the jar," which cannot be translated here. Ask a Serbian (preferably pagan) what this means.

[ Toronto, Canada ]

I recommend that you visit Toronto in the summertime. There are more things to see and do, and more folks out and about. No matter when you go though, you'll find Toronto's denizens to be happy, polite, and sociable. Everyone looks happy to be living here. Even the homeless guys sprawled out mid-day on the corner of busy intersections seem very content.

Unfortunately for tourists, the Canadian Dollar is no longer as weak as in years past. However, have no fear though as myriad food and shopping deals abound.

[ Toronto, Canada ]

Check out the drake hotel on a Thursday for a good party vibe. There was a chic crowd, affordable drinks, and a hip hop dance troupe performing (very impressive to us folks that can't dance). And check out an asian food buffet place called woo downtown for lunch. This was the cleanest and freshest all-you-can-eat sushi buffet I've encountered.

Head to Toronto with an open mind, and you can't lose. Definitely worth a visit.